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Simple Flower Arrangement With Washi Tape Vase 

Yesterday I made a simple flower arrangement for someone special who is going through a tough time right now. I went to the grocery store and picked out a bunch of colorful alstroemeria and a bunch of gerbera daisies and set to work.

I started by gussying up a plain glass vase to match the flowers that I had purchased. Since the flowers were fuchsia and deep pink I picked out a few different washi tapes from my craft stash in those hues.

Starting from the bottom, I wrapped one of the washi tapes around the vase, careful to keep it straight and even. It took a little bit of effort to make sure that by the time I wrapped it around the ends would meet up.

Once the first line of tape was level it was easy to wrap the remaining tapes, using the tape below as a guideline. I left about 1/4" between each line of tape so that a bit of the stems could peek through. 

With the vase completed I started arranging the flowers. I bunched up the gerbera daisies in the center and then started adding the alstroemeria around the outside edges. I adjusted the stems until I had them the way I wanted then secured them with a rubber band and trimmed them to fit in the vase.

I think that the flower arrangement turned out fun and bright and I hope it brings some cheer to the recipient.


Simple Carnation Flower Arrangement

When I want to brighten up my home with flowers I love buying grocery store carnations to make a simple arrangement. I just made one to display on the console table in my guest room and I thought I would share how easy it is to do it.

Depending on the size of arrangement I want to make I use two to three bunches of carnations. I like to try to find bunches that have slightly different shades of flowers to give the arrangement a little more depth.

After opening up the bunches, I start to gather up stems in my hand, arranging them as I go to form a tight puff of flowers. Once I have built up the bouquet to the size that I would like I secure them close to the flowers with a rubber band and then trim the stems to fit in my vase. I always use an opaque pot or vase, but if you wanted to use a clear vase you could disguise the rubber band by tying a pretty ribbon over it.

I like this arrangement for two reasons. First, I can make it in about five minutes and I don't need any special flower arranging items, like frogs. Second, the carnations can last several weeks if taken care of which means pretty flowers in my house for a long time with little effort and little money. You can't beat that!

A few years ago when my friends, Pam and Pete, got married I hosted a small reception for them at my house. For the flowers I did a variation on this arrangement, just adding in a couple of white roses and the carnation buds into the mix. It made for a pretty table without breaking the bank.


Simple Easter Arrangement

Happy Easter! To me nothing represents the renewal of Spring like pussy willows so I decided to use them to make an Easter arrangement for my table.

Making this was super easy. To start I just put a bunch of pussy willows that I picked up at our Farmer's Market for a few dollars in a rectangle glass vase. To spruce up the plain vase a bit I took a strip of 6" painting masking paper, folded it in half and wrapped it around the vase, securing it with some double sided tape. I wanted to add a little spring color so I tied a bow around the paper with some spring green satin ribbon.

I needed a little something else so I made nests out of a trio of little wooden bowls that I picked up in a market in Brazil a few years back. I crumpled up some more masking paper and tucked a little bit in each bowl. I then cradled a single egg in each one and arranged the little nests next to the pussy willows.

I like that it turned out simple, yet with strong Spring feel. Now I need to get myself geared up to attack some Spring cleaning later this week. It's much more fun to decorate, though...

Did you do any decorating for Easter or for spring? Have you accomplished any Spring cleaning (unlike me)?