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Autumn on My Street

I really love my little tree lined street. It is part of one of Ann Arbor's historic districts and is full of unique old houses built in the 1800s that have been painted with all manner of colors. Being only four blocks long traffic rarely comes down my street generally making it pretty peaceful. On the flip side because it is so close to downtown you see a fair number of people walking which makes it seem homey.

While I adore my street year round, it really is especially magical in the autumn as the tall old trees change their colors. There is a slight hill at the one end of my street and I love turning onto it and looking like I am descending into a sea of vibrant leaves. Sometimes I pinch myself thinking how unbelievable it is that I get to live in such a great neighborhood.

Since I was out of town for some of the peak colors this year I thought I would share a combination of pictures that I took this fall as well as some of my favorites from last year.

Although I took the dying tree in my backyard down I still have two enormous maple trees in my front yard that are truly lovely each fall. They turn a beautiful yellow and crimson making it a beautiful sight to look up as I walk in my front door everyday. I especially love it when the sun is right over head making the leaves so brilliant they seem on fire.

After a bunch of leaves fall they look so pretty I almost don't want to rake them off my steps. It looks a lot nicer than my cracked cement that I need to fix this summer!

The picture below on the right is the view from one of the windows in my master bedroom. Who can't help but smile looking out on that in the morning?

Although they aren't on my street I couldn't help but share these photos of a church and the elementary school that are around the block from me that I took on Sunday. The brick buildings look especially great surrounded by a little fall color.

My only wish is that the leaves would stay on the trees just a little longer, not just because I love the way my street looks but also so that I could put off raking leaves in my yard just a little longer...


Fall Gourd Table Centerpiece

Autumn has hit Ann Arbor with a vengeance. It seems like just yesterday we were dealing with late summer temperatures in the nineties. The last few weeks have become downright chilly and I even had frost on my car yesterday morning.

In embracing the change of seasons I decided to do a little decorating on my dining room table. I have a large glass cloche that I have on my table with a vase under it usually and so I thought I would change out the display with a stack of little gourds on a bed of moss.

A few months back I found an old pillar candle holder for a dollar at the Ann Arbor ReUse Center which I thought would make the perfect base. I cut out a circle of cardboard a little smaller than the inside of the candle holder. I then cut a scrap piece of quilt batting and a piece of craft moss about an inch bigger all around than the cardboard circle. I wrapped the batting around the cardboard circle, attaching it on the back with packing tape. I could have alternatively used my glue gun, but my craft room is a mess and I couldn't find it.

I then wrapped the cardboard circle with the moss, securing it with packing tape just like the batting. I then slipped the moss covered disc into the candle holder for a perfect fit. After stacking a few gourds and placing the glass cloche over top, my simple fall table centerpiece was complete. 

It was super easy to make and I had everything on hand already except the moss and the gourds which made it inexpensive as well.

I am happy with the way it makes my dining room looks festive to welcome the fall season. Now I just need to get myself some cider and doughnuts...

If you are interested in some of my other fall projects, check out how to make a pumpkin vase, how to make pumpkin puree from fresh pie pumpkins and my recipe for curried apple pumpkin soup

Has autumn started where you live? Have you been doing any decorating for fall?