Fall Gourd Table Centerpiece
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 8:39AM
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Autumn has hit Ann Arbor with a vengeance. It seems like just yesterday we were dealing with late summer temperatures in the nineties. The last few weeks have become downright chilly and I even had frost on my car yesterday morning.

In embracing the change of seasons I decided to do a little decorating on my dining room table. I have a large glass cloche that I have on my table with a vase under it usually and so I thought I would change out the display with a stack of little gourds on a bed of moss.

A few months back I found an old pillar candle holder for a dollar at the Ann Arbor ReUse Center which I thought would make the perfect base. I cut out a circle of cardboard a little smaller than the inside of the candle holder. I then cut a scrap piece of quilt batting and a piece of craft moss about an inch bigger all around than the cardboard circle. I wrapped the batting around the cardboard circle, attaching it on the back with packing tape. I could have alternatively used my glue gun, but my craft room is a mess and I couldn't find it.

I then wrapped the cardboard circle with the moss, securing it with packing tape just like the batting. I then slipped the moss covered disc into the candle holder for a perfect fit. After stacking a few gourds and placing the glass cloche over top, my simple fall table centerpiece was complete. 

It was super easy to make and I had everything on hand already except the moss and the gourds which made it inexpensive as well.

I am happy with the way it makes my dining room looks festive to welcome the fall season. Now I just need to get myself some cider and doughnuts...

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Has autumn started where you live? Have you been doing any decorating for fall?

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