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DIY Covered Papered Box

After making the puzzle for my grandma's birthday I decided to cover the puzzle box lid to finish off the gift.

I started by placing the box lid on top of a piece of face down scrapbook paper. Using a marker I traced the outline of the box and then extended the top and bottom lines to the edge of the paper. I cut along the extension lines to the edge of the box outline and then coated the whole back of the paper with a glue stick.

To wrap the lid I placed it back over the lid outline making sure that the paper was well adhered. Next I folded up the top and bottom, wrapping the excess paper around the sides of the box. I then folded up the sides and added a little extra glue in any areas that needed it. Once I was finished wrapping the box I used my scissors to trim off the paper that extended beyond the box lid edge.

To complete the project I put the puzzle pieces back into the box, placed the covered lid on top and tied it all up with a bow and a tag. 

Reader Comments (8)

You are very thoughtul!

March 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKathy F

You are incredibly creative. I'll bet your grandmother loved it! You make every project you tackle look easy, and that's very inspiring.

I love seeing all of the gorgeous photos you take of your projects and travels, too. If you ever want to expand your blog offerings, I'd love to hear your thoughts about taking great photos; your composition always seems spot-on. Tips about how you edit your photos would be very welcomed also. I have a tough time with that, and yours always look perfect.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

March 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSandy

I agree Sandy! I would also be interested in seeing how you pack for your travels. Kind of a "what's in my bag"...luggage style (if you've ever seen blog posts like that).

March 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHilary

Hilary- I can definitely share some of packing strategies for my trips and will add that to my list of to-do posts. I like to pack light so that I can maximize the souvenirs I can bring home. :)

March 23, 2012 | Registered CommenterLisa

Sandy- Thank you so much! I have had some questions about my pictures so I am planning on making some posts about what equipment I use, my strategies for taking pictures, how I handle storage of my pictures on the go, etc.

March 23, 2012 | Registered CommenterLisa

Kathy- Thank you so much! That is very sweet of you to say!

March 23, 2012 | Registered CommenterLisa

I look forward to these upcoming blog posts. I always learn something new!!

March 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRene

Rene- Thank you so much!

March 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterLisa

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