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Week in Pictures: 7.15.2012

I've been having fun with my Instagram pictures and thought I would start collecting them at the end of each week to share what I've been up to, especially for the smaller things that happen but don't necessitate a full post.

This week has been crazy busy. I am heading to Japan next week for work so I've been slammed with things that needed to get done before I go. I barely slept and ended up working nearly seventy hours.

The first collage below consists of images I took while on my trip to Canada at the beginning of the week for work which I already wrote about. Although I didn't have much time outside of work during that time I managed to enjoy some tasty Canadian food and see the Springbank Snow Countess statue.

My favorite picture that I took this week was of the Blue Water Bridge on my way home. My co-worker was driving so I took the opportunity to snap this picture as we crossed over the bridge to go back to the US. The windshield was really dirty and we were driving into the sun so it make a cool white streaky effect on the photo that I love. 

This second collage is from the second half of the week.

First Row:
- As we were driving back from Canada I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Uniroyal Giant Tire as we drove by, which is a roadside icon along I-94 in Michigan
- After I got home late on Wednesday night, I was surprised to find that Frank had come over and made me dinner on the smoker in my backyard
- Thursday night I was at work late again, but when I saw this beautiful sunset out the window I took a little break to get a picture

Second Row:
- On Saturday morning, Frank and I headed west to go to a reunion of his tailgating buddies outside of Chicago
- I made a berry trifle to share at the get-together, but it tipped over in the car while we were driving. It looked like a hot mess but still tasted great
- Most of Saturday afternoon and early evening was spent in the pool

Third Row: 
- On Sunday as we were driving back we decided to stop for lunch at the legendary Redamak's on the west side of Michigan
- There was a bit of a wait in line at Redamak's so I slipped over to the antique store next door. They had a bunch of great stuff but a little out of my price range so I didn't buy anything. I especially loved how the displays were organized by color
- The loaded waffle fries and cheeseburger at Redamak's were well worth the wait. Yum

What have you been up to this week? Did you do anything fun or eat anything tasty?

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