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A Blank Slate For My Back Garden Bed

My back garden bed has been sadly neglected for a long time. Two years ago I bought some wine and roses weigela plants that were on clearance and planted them in the back bed. They were on clearance because they were in bad shape and I didn't do much to help nurture them so they have become scraggly and one even died.

Last summer I was so busy that I just let the bed go and I am definitely paying the price for it now. This spring the bed looked like a jungle and it was a ton of work to get it all cleaned out. To make the work a little easier on myself I cleared the bed in a few different shifts after it had rained. I like to weed when the ground is wet since it makes it easier to pull them.

After the bed was cleared I loosely tied up the weigela with some twine, spread some peat moss with fertilizer on the bed and then rototilled around the weigela. I had a minor mishap when a stone got caught in my blade. It was really jammed in there so I ended up having to use a hammer to knock it out.

With the bed cleared and the ground turned I now have a blank slate in my back garden bed to finally get to some fun. I am planning to plant my sunflowers and zinnias that I started under my grow lamp back there. I also need to do some trimming and care on the weigela plants that have been so neglected. I have a long way to go before it starts to look pretty back there but at least I am on my way.

Have you ever neglected part of your garden and then regretted it later? Do you have any overgrown areas that you needed to clear this year?

Reader Comments (3)

It is quite the coincidence your post today - I tackled a small garden area that has over the years been many things; a holding garden, a flower cutting garden, a vegetable garden and now just a regular part of the garden plan ...... but it was overrun with Forget Me Nots, Ladies Bells and Violets, none of which I planted - runaways from a neighbour's garden. After 2 hours of early morning weeding I joyfully discovered my perennial Hibiscus has little returning shoots. I have vowed not to let it get so over run again - it was difficult ripping things out as the ground is SO dry it was like cement. Your Weigela plants will attract hummingbirds and the Sunflowers & Zinnias will attract butterflies so maybe there is a theme here (lol). I look forward to progress reports of your back garden.

May 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary-Lou

Mary-Lou- Weeding when the soil is dry is no fun! I always wait until the ground is wet. It sounds like quite a work out for you! I bet your garden bed looks very pretty now!

May 29, 2012 | Registered CommenterLisa

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